Historic Projects

Pembroke-College-Cambridge_Remeha-Gas-310-Eco-ProsPembroke College

Pembroke College, one of Cambridge University’s oldest colleges dating back to the 14th century, has upgraded its heating system with four Remeha condensing boilers supplied and installed by R.F. Blounts specialist commercial installation team.

The central plant room at Pembroke College provides heating and hot water to nearly all the buildings on the main College site, from its student accommodation that houses more than 200 students, to its famous Chapel, the first completed work by Sir Christopher Wren. When the existing boiler provision proved inadequate to the College’s current heat requirements, R.F. Blounts were called in to provide a modern commercial heating system.

“Prior to this project, it was a case of checking each morning to see if one or indeed any of the boilers were running,” said Robert Griggs, Buildings Manager for Pembroke. “There was very little effective control of heating distribution and insufficient output to provide and sustain comfortable room temperatures on the coldest of winter nights.”

The smaller, lighter footprint of the Remeha Gas 310 Eco Pro helped overcome the problem of awkward access to the plant room. R.F. Blounts lowered the four condensing boilers through a hatch into the basement plant room before wheeling them into place.


Wyvern School

RF Blount Kettering PlumbersThe project involved the full replacement of the heating and domestic services systems within an existing primary school to replace life expired plant and pipework system
s. The heating boilers were replaced and a new modern control system was installed.

The existing pressure jet boilers were life expired and in need of replacement. The boilers were replaced with 3 modern high efficiency condensing boilers. To accommodate the new boilers the existing flue system was modified and the plant room pipework was replaced to integrate the new multiple heating zones.

The site was previously fed from tank cold water with the odd mains cold water outlet. The existing tank locations were in areas of the building difficult to access, therefore it was a client aspiration to decommission these and run direct off mains cold water. Flow and pressure tests were carried out to check that the existing site mains were capable of supplying the site with adequate flow and pressure. After analysis of the test data the tanks were removed and the system was re-piped direct off the mains. The site was previously provided with hot water from local electric water heaters and this concept was retained.  As a safety measure, a check was made on site and thermostatic mixing valves were installed on basins used by the children to protect children from burns.


Kettering General HospitalPlumbing Kettering General Hospital

R.F. Blount were contracted by the NHS Foundation Trust with the delicate job of removing the existing roof mounted chiller unit serving the A&E department and Fracture clinic of Kettering General Hospital, and replacing it with a new more efficient unit. We had to prepare a concrete base to locate the new chiller unit in its new location, which was in a small courtyard deep within the hospital. The chiller was craned into position and piped to the existing services, new power supply was installed from the nearest consumer unit and BMS controls were installed and integrated into the existing system. On completion the chiller and controls were commissioned and demonstrated to the client.




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